Release Note IVEF SDK 0.1.8

IVEF SDK 0.1.8 Released

The new IVEF release is now available to the open source community. IVEF is a cross-platform message exchange framework for VTS data exchange. IVEF is available for customer use, evaluation and open source download.

IVEF includes full interface capabilities in C++, JAVA and OBJECTIVE-C and has thoroughly been tested on Linux (OpenSuSE 11, 64 bit), Apple Mac OS X 10.6 and MS Windows XP SP2

For detailed information on fixes and optimizations included in this releases, please consult the change log, or browse the source code contained in the SVN repository

Open Source Downloads

Open Source Edition of IVEF is available. The Open Source Editions are released under the LGPL for open source development.

IVEF Definition

This IVEF SDK supports the IVEF 0.1.x definition. This definition represents the initial IVEF definition which was the starting point for the international working group.




For details see the issue list

70: No way to remove elements from a sequence

72: Restrictions are not yet implemented

77: some optional elements are becoming required

78: cargotype in ICD unclear

79: No support for low updating tracks

80: Illegal Z on timestamp wrongly interpreted

New functionality

A PHP version of the library is now officially supported


All users are advised to upgrade immediately.


  1. Used IVEF Definition (IVEF_DEF_0_1_7)
  2. Used IVEF Tools (IVEF_TOOLS_0_1_10)
  3. To create IVEF Library (IVEF_LIB_0_1_8)
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