Release Note IVEF SDK 0.2.2

IVEF SDK 0.2.2 Released

The new IVEF release is now available to the open source community. IVEF is a cross-platform message exchange framework for VTS data exchange. IVEF is available for customer use, evaluation and open source download.

IVEF includes full interface capabilities in C++, JAVA and OBJECTIVE-C and has thoroughly been tested on Linux (OpenSuSE 11, 64 bit), Apple Mac OS X 10.5 and MS Windows XP SP2

For detailed information on fixes and optimizations included in this releases, please consult the change log, or browse the source code contained in the SVN repository

Open Source Downloads

Open Source Edition of IVEF is available. The Open Source Editions are released under the GPL for open source development.

IVEF Definition

This IVEF SDK supports the IVEF 0.2.x definition. This definition represents current working draft for the international working group.


21: No check of required attributes/elements

26: The code generation (c++ qt) ignores minOcuurs and maxOccurs

54: incomming date/time messages are not correctly specified as UTC

55: Java version produces incorrect time stamps

56: ivef java does not parse and generate time correctly

57: ivef java does not handle enumeration contraints correctly if string

58: testscripts testing for &quote; should be "

60: java version does not handle multiple root ellements correctly

62: Type of persons on board is a decimal

63: java lib generates too many decimal digits

64: Objective -C framework reports booleans as number

65: non-constness of ::toXML method discards qualifiers

67: settings minOccurs to 0 still result in a required field.

69: No error report on setting an illigal value

71: Restrictions are not yet implemented

73: some specified elements in the XSD are incorrectly processed as attributes.

74: number format exception

75: Header.setVersion must be called before calling toXML

76: xsd2code stops on xs:totalDigits


Technological preview only, the current XSD has not reached a mature state yet. This version should not be used in operational systems.


  1. Used IVEF Definition (IVEF_0_2_3)
  2. Used IVEF Tools (IVEF_TOOLS_1_9_0)
  3. To create IVEF Library (IVEF_LIB_0_2_2)
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